Henrike Scholten is a visual artist and PhD candidate in technical art history from The Netherlands.

In my artistic practice I work mostly in color pencil on paper. My work investigates drawing as a process: I’m interested in processes of mark-making, constructing, observing and rendering.
My recent work uses seventeenth-century print culture as a starting point, combined with abstraction and improvisation, observations from real life, and pictorial clichés. The drawings refer to decorative art, but also to the maps and board games that were commonly available in the form of prints. By reinterpreting historical images using modern visual strategies, my drawings interrogate the visual conventions that influence the way we perceive images as representational. Doing so, my works add an ironic and anti-hierarchical layer to art history. 

Besides my artistic practice, I do art-historical and art-technological research into seventeenth-century watercolor painting at Utrecht University, where I am a PhD candidate in the ERC-funded project DURARE (Dynamics of the Durable: A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts)

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Henrike Scholten