I am a visual artist and researcher from the Netherlands, currently based in Utrecht and Groningen.

I make drawings and other works, I do research on early modern artistic technique, and ocasionally I teach and write. 

I am obsessed with visual images: what you do when you make an image by hand, what you see when you look at an image. In my artistic practice I work mainly with drawing. I’m interested in drawing as a process, and through it I investigate themes like historicity and early modern visual culture, abstraction and observation, and anatomy and corporeality. In the past years my focus shifted to ‘dissecting’ the Dutch seventeenth century from the here and now, and to reinterpreting ideas, processes and iconography from the past into new works.  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, where in 2011 I won the George Verberg Stipend for graduates. In 2020 I graduated from the Research Master in Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Groningen. There, I focused on artistic research on the one hand, and seventeenth-century Dutch drawing education on the other hand. I am currently a PhD candidate at Utrecht University, working within the ERC-funded project DURARE (Dynamics of the Durable: A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts). 
My work has been exhibited in the Netherlands and internationally, a.o. in TRENTATRES Gallery in Valencia, the Stedelijk Museum Assen voor Hedendaagde Kunst (SMAHK) and The Bookstore Foundation in Amsterdam.